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What Is Inflammation?

If you’ve ever cut your finger or twisted your ankle, then you have first-hand experience with inflammation. The redness, swelling, pain and heat are all hallmarks of the inflammatory process.

In some ways, this is the first step of the healing process as your body begins to clean up and repair the injured tissue. However, if the inflammation over-stays its welcome then there is another side to inflammation that can be extremely damaging to your overall health…chronic inflammation.
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As mentioned, the healing process typically begins with acute inflammation. The inflammatory phase of healing can typically last for 2 to 6 weeks. If the healing process stalls here, then acute inflammation becomes chronic inflammation, and your immune system may continue to produce white blood cells that create oxidative stress for months or even years to come.

This long-term stress, or chronic inflammation, has been linked to just about EVERY CHRONIC DISEASE including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and even depression.
 Some of the risk factors for developing chronic inflammation include smoking, obesity, poor diet, stress, sleep disorders and being sedentary.
  • Chronic inflammation is a long-term inflammation that can last for months or years.
  • Just about EVERY CHRONIC DISEASE: Diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, arthritis and depression have been linked to chronic inflammation.
  • Reducing stress through exercise & diet can help reduce chronic inflammation and create a healthier you.
You can reduce or eliminate chronic inflammation naturally with a few simple steps. Researchers have discovered that daily exercise and weight loss can cause a dramatic reduction in chronic inflammation.

And while it’s great to move your whole body by exercising, regular chiropractic care detects and corrects specific segmental joint restrictions of the spine or what’s called a subluxation.  Additionally, reducing the stress on your muscles and joints through Chiropractic care may provide additional benefits on your way to curbing chronic inflammation.

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