Last Week’s Links 7-13-20

Last Week's Links 7-13-20

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We hope everyone enjoyed some time to unwind as much as possible over the weekend!!

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Before we get to the links:

The health and safety of our patients and team is our highest priority. We are continuing to schedule by appointment only to allow for the thorough cleaning of surfaces between visits. We are limiting the number of people in the office at any given time, and we are following other suggested guidelines for safety and prevention to ensure a clean, stress-free environment for everyone.

If this crisis has showed us anything it’s how important it is to have a high level of durable baseline health and resilience—now more than ever!

Here are the links from our Rom Family Chiropractic Facebook page and all the good stuff we posted over the  last week!

We like to post things on a wide variety of health topics, but it can all be broken down into 5 broad categories:

  1. Being well-adjusted
  2. Eating well
  3. Moving well
  4. Thinking well
  5. Sleeping well

Here are the links we posted from last week:

Physical Play With Fathers May Help Children Control Emotions, Study Finds

This study finds benefits when fathers engage in more physical play like tickling, chasing, and piggy-back rides, which researchers claim appears to help children to learn to better control their feelings.

I definitely see this with my kids–they need (and love) regular, safe, physical play with their dad!!

Newly Identified Swine Flu Could Become a Human Pandemic

We don’t post this to scare anyone…

…we post this to say that it’s time to TAKE ACTION & BUILD YOUR BEST HEALTH!!

We are here to help!!

Our Circadian Clock Sets the Rhythm for Our Cells’ Powerhouse

Want to learn how disrupted sleep affects energy levels?

Check out this brief article on circadian rhythms and the mitochondria!

Iced Turmeric Lemonade Recipe

Worth a try on a hot day!!

The 18 New Rules of Camping

Do you “glamp” or camp?

Do you stay local, or travel?

Do you bring your phone, or does it stay home?

As long as you are outside and having fun, there’s really no wrong way to camp!!

The Mysterious Sixth Sense That Helps the Body Understand Itself

What is the body’s sixth sense?

…It drives the brain-body connection, it’s the system responsible for maintaining a straight back, and is truly important for developing your sense of self!

Study: First Flu Wave in 1918 Was Vaccine for Some

A 2008 review of the 1918 flu pandemic showed that those infected in the first wave became protected against the far deadlier 2nd wave of the pandemic (the second wave was 4-5 times deadlier).

From the article:

“In the influenza pandemic of 1918, those who got sick in the first wave of illness were up to 94% less likely to fall ill when the second and much more severe wave struck, according to a new analysis of historical data.”

“The authors say their findings suggest that when novel flu viruses emerge and initially cause a mild wave of illness, public health authorities should think twice before taking aggressive steps to limit exposure, since people infected with the virus might benefit later on if the virus grows more virulent and triggers another wave of cases.”

“we propose that geographical differences in population immunity acquired during the first wave could have contributed to the observed variation during the second wave…”

“Second, if indeed a mild first wave is documented, the benefits of cross-protection during future waves should be considered before implementing public health interventions designed to limit exposure…”

“disease expert, Michael T. Osterholm, PhD, MPH, said he found the study “quite convincing,””

“The results suggest a possible need to rethink some assumptions about pandemics, which by definition involve viruses to which the population has no immunity, said Osterholm, who is director of the University of Minnesota Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, publisher of CIDRAP News.”

“If we have wave 1 and it’s relatively mild, and a number of people are exposed to that virus, that may actually be a very positive thing relative to a second wave in which the disease is much more severe,” he said. “That could mean a lot of infection in a first wave is actually a good thing, with much of the world not having a vaccine.”


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