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You Are Invited to Our Wellness Workshop!

Okay – you survived the holidays–but just barely, right?

If you’re like us you LOVE the holidays, but… they get a little crazy, don’t they?

Because of the TREMENDOUS STRESS of the Holiday season, we’ve been seeing  a lot of people with “Holiday hangovers” in the office this year!

We are already seeing that people are slowing down on their New Year’s resolutions! And right now is the perfect time for you to double down, stay on track, and make the positive health habits and lasting changes you need in order to make 2019 your best year yet!!

We’ve got BIG plans for 2019–I’m sure you do too–and we are WAY too busy to get sick! 

Video link here.

Let us tell you what we do to get our energy back, our heads right, and our lifestyle back on track for the new year!

Who’s with us?!?


Check out this month’s Wellness Workshop:
“How to Detox and Boost Energy After the Holidays.”

Join us on Saturday, January 26th at 11:30am in the Shelby Township office to learn the 3 Secrets to Detoxing After the Holidays!

It’s a workshop for those of us who plan on getting our lives back on the rails immediately – and avoiding the post-holiday crash this year.


Join me for this workshop and learn our 3 Secrets to Detoxing After the Holidays.


You may also know someone who is struggling with this, too… Who is it?

Please share this with them – forward this email to them – or better yet, bring them with you to the workshop!!

Please let us know that they are coming so that we can save a seat for them too!

Thank you in advance for helping us help others!

Let’s kick off this year’s Wellness Workshop Series the right way …Let’s get back on track and back to a healthy life!

Give us a call at the office to let us know that you’re “in” for the workshop!
We’ll see you there!