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Wellness Workshop: Raising Healthier Kids! March 30th, 11:30am


March is kids month at Rom Family Chiropractic!! All month long we will be featuring topics that are important for raising healthy kids which is, of course good for the whole family!

Have you ever wondered why some kids seem to be SO healthy while others seem to ALWAYS be sick–Sometimes, even within the same family?

Raising Healthier Kids


How could this be? What really determines whether a child thrives or struggles?

Is it bad genes? Bad germs? Bad luck? Or something else entirely?

Join us to find out more in this month’s Wellness Workshop: How to Raise Healthier Kids!


The first step to getting the results that you are looking for is starting from the right frame of mind, then asking the right questions, in order to get the best answers!!

Come to this month’s Wellness Workshop on Saturday, March 30th and learn what can give YOUR kids the advantage that can make all the difference for their health NOW and into the FUTURE–it’s all about the kids!!


Be sure to call the office, or Register on our Facebook event page TODAY and take the first step to Raising Healthier Kids. 


By the way: If you know another parent or family with a child that struggles with their health, please share and forward this invitation to them!

Isn’t incredible that you can help another child, another family just with just a few clicks!!

Thank you in advance for helping us help others.

We’ll see you at the workshop!

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