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Tech Neck: Neck Pain, Posture, Headaches and Concussions

You know that feeling – the one where you start to feel a headache coming on. For many people, it is a daily occurrence and often begins in the neck and shoulders.

If you sit at a desk at school, a computer or in a car all day, your strained posture may also be contributing to a decreased range of motion, premature degenerative changes in your spine, headaches,  a poor mood, and even increase your risk for other injuries like a concussion!


Recent research shows that over 40% of kids in the US under age 18 owned a tablet, while over half of adults owned a tablet and use them regularly. This number is only going to go up! Phone and tablet use requires significant head & neck strain that increases risk for all types of neck injury, including headaches and concussions!


But there is good news! New evidence-based guidelines strongly recommend a combination of exercise, stretching, and Chiropractic adjustments to help strengthen the neck and shoulders to reduce neck pain, headaches, muscle tension, and even concussion risk for athletes.

Here’s Why it Matters:

Chronic neck pain can easily stop you from doing the things you love. However, neck pain and headaches don’t have to be a part of your daily life. By understanding the latest research, you can take massive action to improve your health.* Research recommends a combination of Chiropractic, exercise, and stretching to reduce neck pain.

* Research also shows that Chiropractic has an extremely high patient satisfaction score of over 90%.

* An amazing 85% of people receiving Chiropractic adjustments for acute neck pain experienced significant improvement.

* Regarding concussions: A January 2019 study published in the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy  states that neck posture and strength are the two major factors that can reduce the risk and severity of concussions as well as other head and neck injuries. The authors of the study went on to state that a thorough cervical spine assessment is so incredibly important for reducing concussion and risk of other neck injuries, that it should be part of every pre-sports physical–not just contact sports–and we absolutely agree! This is what we see and do every day in our offices!!


Next Steps:
It’s exciting that research has continued to illustrate that YOU are in charge of YOUR health. Your daily habits and lifestyle have the biggest impact on your current and future health. Start reducing neck pain and injury risk today by taking 3-5 minute breaks every 30 minutes and stretching out your neck and shoulders. Take a brisk walk during lunch or take the stairs at work to increase your non-exercise activity time. Of course, it’s always good to hit the gym a few times a week to increase your activity levels.

Finally, and I can’t stress this enough—get your spine checked by a Chiropractor! We are here to help! Research proves that Chiropractic adjustments are a smart decision for improving overall health and function!


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