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Last Week's Links 7-22-19

Better late than never!!

Here are the links from our Rom Family Chiropractic Facebook page and all the good stuff we posted over the  last week.

We like to post things on a wide variety of health topics, but it can all be broken down into 5 broad categories:

1. Being well-adjusted
2. Eating well
3. Moving well
4. Thinking well
5. Sleeping well

Here are the links we posted from last week:  

The Toxins of William B. Coley and the Treatment of Bone and Soft-Tissue Sarcomas

“In 1891, William B. Coley injected streptococcal organisms into a patient with inoperable cancer. He thought that the infection he produced would have the side effect of shrinking the malignant tumor. He was successful, and this was one of the first examples of immunotherapy. Over the next forty years, as head of the Bone Tumor Service at Memorial Hospital in New York, Coley injected more than 1000 cancer patients with bacteria or bacterial products. These products became known as Coley’s Toxins. He and other doctors who used them reported excellent results…”

New Therapy Targets Gut Bacteria to Prevent and Reverse Food Allergies

Humans need microbes. It’s utterly fascinating to see viruses and bacteria be harnessed to TREAT diseases and conditions, while at the same time antibiotics are still OVER-PRESCRIBED.  Probiotics are being put into hand soaps and lotions, while the regular overuse of hand sanitizers is contributing to antibiotic resistant bugs…


Even Identical Twins Don’t React the Same Way to the Same Foods – Which is Why Most Diet Advice Doesn’t Work

First, we are all humans, so there are the basics that we all need from our diet (think vitamins, minerals, omega 3’s, calories, etc. After that, it’s not one-size-fits-all!
Using trial and error, and listening to what your body is telling you is the way to go!

Why Children Should Engage in Physical Activities in School

“When you exercise, you turn on the attention systems, so that means you’re (paying) better attention, you’re able to deal with more frustration, you’re able to stay with it longer…”

 Don’t Burn Out–The Truth About Inflammation!

Researchers have identified inflammation as one of the most beneficial AND most harmful processes in your body. You might be wondering: How is that possible?


If you’ve ever cut your finger or twisted your ankle, then you have first-hand experience with inflammation.

Macomb Daily Article
Be sure to check out this Saturday’s (July 27th) Wellness Workshop on  at 11:30am: Don’t Burn Out–The Truth About Inflammation!!


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