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Last Week's Links 4-20-20

Here are the links from our Rom Family Chiropractic Facebook page and all the good stuff we posted over the  last week!

We like to post things on a wide variety of health topics, but it can all be broken down into 5 broad categories:

1. Being well-adjusted
2. Eating well
3. Moving well
4. Thinking well
5. Sleeping well

Here are the links we posted from last week: 

Larger Doses of Vitamin C May Lead to a Greater Reduction in Common Cold Duration

“These findings suggest that large doses of oral vitamin C might reduce the duration of symptoms associated with the common cold, but self-dosing should commence as soon as cold symptoms appear for the greatest benefit.”


Vitamin C Lowers Levels of Inflammation Biomarker Considered Predictor of Heart Disease

Inflammation is a biological phenomenon triggered by the immune system in response to a physical injury or infection. Vitamin C’s immune-boosting and antioxidant properties can mediate the body’s inflammatory response, reducing the symptoms or risk of various diseases.


Covid-19 Lockdowns Have Caused the Earth’s Crust to Stop Shaking

Scientists have noted that machinery and car movement across the globe that cause imperceptible shakes to the Earth’s crust have effectively stopped. Seismologists around the globe have reported a drop in seismic noise, according to an article in the scientific journal Nature.


Citrus Juice, Vitamin C Give Staying Power to Green Tea Antioxidants

“The study compared the effect of various beverage additives on catechins, naturally occurring antioxidants found in tea. Results suggest that complementing green tea with either citrus juices or vitamin C likely increases the amount of catechins available for the body to absorb.”


UPDATE – April 15 – Managing Chronic Stress
Update 4-15

You live your life through your nervous system. If you’ve felt your heart race or tightness in your chest when you see a news story about the COVID Crisis online or on the TV—that’s because of your sympathetic nervous system. The chronic stress it is creating can compromise your immune system.

Until you can get in for an adjustment, you can focus on doing these 4 things to minimize the effects of stress and subluxation in order to prevent chronic stress overload.


Vitamin C May Help People Who Suffer From Airway Obstruction or Respiratory Symptoms After Exercise

Physical activity increases oxidative stress, and therefore, as an antioxidant vitamin C might have particularly evident effects on people who are participating in vigorous exercise. In several studies, vitamin C administration attenuated the increases in oxidative stress markers caused by exercise.

Furthermore, vitamin C is involved in the metabolism of histamine, prostaglandins, and cysteinyl leukotrienes, all of which appear to be mediators in the pathogenesis of exercise-induced bronchoconstriction.


6 Rules for Staying Active, Healthy, and Well During a Pandemic

Amid so much uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, perhaps the most important thing you can do for your mental and physical health at home is to regularly move your body!


Scientists Say Vitamin C May Alleviate the Body’s Response to Stress

Large doses of vitamin C can prevent illness by alleviating the body’s normal response to stress.

In addition, the vitamin C treatment elevated the levels of circulating IgG antibody, the body’s principal defense against systemic infection.


Beyond Sanitizing and Social Distancing – A Healthy Circadian Rhythm May Keep You Sane and Increase Resilience to Fight Covid-19

While isolation and hygiene are effective in reducing the chance of infection, they do little to increase our resilience to the virus so that we suffer less and recover faster. In addition, the stress and worry caused by current trends – school and business closures, self-quarantines and mandates to stay at home – don’t help. The strains on our physical and psychological health can leave us even more vulnerable to viruses and other health issues. The answer to boosting your immunity may lie in simple steps you can take to maintain a robust circadian rhythm by developing and following a daily routine.


Marginal Vitamin C Status is Associated with Reduced Fat Oxidation During Submaximal Exercise in Young Adults

The findings of this study suggest that low vitamin C status is associated with poor fatty acid oxidation during exercise and may explain why some people are unsuccessful when trying to lose weight.



For the duration of today’s “Stay Home” Executive Order (until April 14th), our offices will be seeing patients BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. This will allow us to space out visits and allow for minimizing contact. 

We are still here, still serving the community and helping people in this time of great stress and uncertainty. We are keeping the office extra clean & sanitized—wiping down all surfaces consistently as well as wiping down tables after every adjustment. We even have cleaning products in the rooms, if you feel more comfortable doing it yourself.


SHELBY OFFICE phone: (586) 532-7732
MONDAY:                3pm-6pm

TUESDAY:              9am-noon

WEDNESDAY:       4pm-7pm

THURSDAY:            4pm-6pm

SATURDAY:            8am-11am


NEW BALTIMORE  OFFICE phone:  (586) 684-3260
MONDAY:                 12pm-3pm

TUESDAY:               9:30am-12:30pm

FRIDAY:                  3pm-6pm

NOTE: Normally, we encourage patients to come in and get adjusted if they are expressing viral symptoms. At this time, for the safety of everyone, we are asking that if you are expressing these types of symptoms to please call us and reschedule your appointment. If you aren’t sure you should still come in, just call us and we will ask you a few questions over the phone to help make the best decision.


If you haven’t already, check out our Rom Family Chiropractic Facebook page, be sure to like it, and we will be sure to keep the good info coming your way!


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