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Last Week's Links 4-13-20

We hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend and had a chance to relax, recharge and re-group as much as possible over the weekend!

Here are the links from our Rom Family Chiropractic Facebook page and all the good stuff we posted over the  last week!

We like to post things on a wide variety of health topics, but it can all be broken down into 5 broad categories:

1. Being well-adjusted
2. Eating well
3. Moving well
4. Thinking well
5. Sleeping well

Here are the links we posted from last week: 

Stay Fit to Fight Coronavirus, Say Medics

Stay healthy my friends and reduce your risk!


Why You Should Ignore All That Coronavirus-Inspired Productivity Pressure

“Now more than ever, we must abandon the performative and embrace the authentic. Our essential mental shifts require humility and patience. Focus on real internal change. These human transformations will be honest, raw, ugly, hopeful, frustrated, beautiful, and divine. And they will be slower than keener academics are used to. Be slow. Let this distract you. Let it change how you think and how you see the world. Because the world is our work. And so, may this tragedy tear down all our faulty assumptions and give us the courage of bold new ideas.”

Good advice.


Anxiety About Coronavirus Van Increase the Risk of Infection – But Exercise Can Help

Worried about COVID-19? You may be putting yourself at undue risk, because chronic anxiety suppresses the immune system and increases our risk for infection.


Evidence that Vitamin D Supplementation Could Reduce Risk of Influenza and Covid-19 Infections and Deaths

This is from April 2nd:

“Evidence supporting the role of vitamin D in reducing risk of COVID-19 includes that the outbreak occurred in winter, a time when 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D) concentrations are lowest; that the number of cases in the Southern Hemisphere near the end of summer are low; that vitamin D deficiency has been found to contribute to acute respiratory distress syndrome; and that case-fatality rates increase with age and with chronic disease comorbidity, both of which are associated with lower 25(OH)D concentration.”

Get out in the sun TODAY!!!


UPDATE – April 8th

update 4-8

At this point, the Covid Crisis has certainly touched everyone’s life. It’s truly a tragedy.

Rather than just ‘panicking in place,’ NOW is the perfect time to create HEALTHY HABITS in order to BULLETPROOF YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM!

Check out this video to learn more about creating a healthier lifestyle!!


The Parents Are Not All Right

Parents, this IS crazy, but know that you are NOT alone!!


A 20-Minute Dose of a Nature Can Cut Your Stress

Don’t forget to get some ‘vitamin N’ – nature!!


When We We Reopen the Country? Antibody Testing May Help Officials Decide, Experts Say

“Antibody testing combined with the molecular coronavirus test can determine if a person is immune and can transmit the disease. This is crucial in deciding who can go back to work.”

“Those who are immune and can’t transmit the disease can be on the front lines of the epidemic, keeping daily life afloat in grocery stores, hospitals and other essential businesses…”

“Antibody tests can also identify people who had COVID-19 but didn’t have any symptoms — a group that may be much larger than we know…”



For the duration of today’s “Stay Home” Executive Order (until April 14th), our offices will be seeing patients BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. This will allow us to space out visits and allow for minimizing contact. 

We are still here, still serving the community and helping people in this time of great stress and uncertainty. We are keeping the office extra clean & sanitized—wiping down all surfaces consistently as well as wiping down tables after every adjustment. We even have cleaning products in the rooms, if you feel more comfortable doing it yourself.


SHELBY OFFICE phone: (586) 532-7732
MONDAY:                3pm-6pm

TUESDAY:              9am-noon

WEDNESDAY:       4pm-7pm

THURSDAY:            4pm-6pm

SATURDAY:            8am-11am


NEW BALTIMORE  OFFICE phone:  (586) 684-3260
MONDAY:                 12pm-3pm

TUESDAY:               9:30am-12:30pm

FRIDAY:                  3pm-6pm

NOTE: Normally, we encourage patients to come in and get adjusted if they are expressing viral symptoms. At this time, for the safety of everyone, we are asking that if you are expressing these types of symptoms to please call us and reschedule your appointment. If you aren’t sure you should still come in, just call us and we will ask you a few questions over the phone to help make the best decision.


If you haven’t already, check out our Rom Family Chiropractic Facebook page, be sure to like it, and we will be sure to keep the good info coming your way!


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