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Last Week's Links 2-03-20

Here are the links from our Rom Family Chiropractic Facebook page and all the good stuff we posted over the  last week!

We like to post things on a wide variety of health topics, but it can all be broken down into 5 broad categories:

1. Being well-adjusted
2. Eating well
3. Moving well
4. Thinking well
5. Sleeping well

Here are the links we posted from last week: 

Enriched Marine Oil Supplements Increase Peripheral Blood Specialized Pro-Resolving Mediators Concentrations and Reprogram Host Immune Responses

Fish oil supplementation increased the level of several anti-inflammatory molecules for up to 24 hrs and this was linked to reprogramming of blood cell responses towards a protective phenotype in healthy participants (randomized, placebo-controlled trial).


Why Doctors Should Prescribe Diet and Exercise


This is why, as doctors, we DO prescribe diet and exercise!!



RFC_Developmental delay



America’s Most Widely Consumed Oil Causes Genetic Changes in the Brain

The quality of the food you eat matters!!


Benefits of Physical Activity: Exercise for Kids w/ ADHD

Physical exercise is the most effective natural therapy for improving ADHD cognitive symptomology, according to a new meta-analysis published in The Journal of Psychiatric Research that supports the use of non-pharmacological interventions alongside medication for treating ADHD.

Despite this strong evidence for the power of exercise, children with ADHD are significantly less likely than their non-diagnosed peers to engage in daily physical activity, according to a study published recently in The Journal of Attention Disorders.

A Chiropractic adjustment is like exercise for your spine, and can help all kids GET and STAY active!!


Feeling Artsy? Here’s How Making Art Helps Your Brain

“Creativity in and of itself is important for remaining healthy, remaining connected to yourself and connected to the world…”


Is Dark Chocolate Allowed on a Ketogenic Diet?

Tired of all the negativity in the news?

We’ve got some good news…




Chiropractic care in pregnancy is vital to the normal physiological function of both the mother and baby throughout pregnancy and birth. More women and birth providers are discovering the many benefits associated with chiropractic care in pregnancy.

Did you know that Dr. Meg & Dr. Pete are both certified in the Webster Technique?



Tom Brady01

Tom Brady gets it…


Packers QB Aaron Rodgers Has Deep Roots in Chiropractic

Even though the Packers aren’t in the Super Bowl, Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers has known the importance of Chiropractic since he was a child!

“Performing at my best is important to me and should be to everyone. I am blessed that my dad is a chiropractor. Getting adjusted regularly – along with practicing other good health habits that my mom helped me to establish – are all part of my goal to win in life and on the field.”


Michael Strahan on Chiropractic

Take it from Michael Strahan–you should get your spine checked by a Chiropractor!!

Give us a call at 586-532-7732 to set up your appointment!



Montana Chiropractic02

Here’s another Super Bowl great who gets adjusted…


Do you know someone that is looking for a BETTER WAY to BETTER HEALTH in 2020?

The referral of a family member or a loved one is the greatest honor we can receive. We promise to give them the same attention, care, and quality service that you receive. Thank you in advance! 


We are back to our NORMAL HOURS!!


Also a reminder:

If you haven’t already, check out our Rom Family Chiropractic Facebook page, be sure to like it, and we will be sure to keep the good info coming your way!


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