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Last Week's Links 10-14-19

Here are the links from our Rom Family Chiropractic Facebook page and all the good stuff we posted over the  last week.

We like to post things on a wide variety of health topics, but it can all be broken down into 5 broad categories:

1. Being well-adjusted
2. Eating well
3. Moving well
4. Thinking well
5. Sleeping well

Here are the links we posted from last week:  

5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Brain Health

Better brain health–is it about pills or lifestyle?


Magnesium for Health

Are you getting enough magnesium?


Tea Drinkers May Get Some Protection Against Brain Decline

Could daily consumption of tea help the brain age more gracefully?


Proper Calcium Use: Vitamin K2 as a Promoter of Bone and Cardiovascular Health

Too much calcium without sufficient vitamin K can lead to calcification (and stiffening) of the arteries…

While it is easy to get sufficient calcium intake, even healthy Western diets are DEFICIENT in vitamin K.

Are you getting enough vitamin K?


7 Unusual & Healthy Uses for Honey

Sleep aid? Shampoo? Put those on the ‘honey-do’ list!!


Craving Junk Food After a Sleepless Night?

Sleep deprivation causes stress and a stressed brain can make some bad decisions…

Be sure to use the weekend to catch up on sleep quality and quantity


Squat Mechanics

We squat every day–it’s a fundamental human movement–yet, for some reason, there’s a cloud of confusion around how to do it properly!

(While this article gets a little technical, it’s worth the read!!)


Let’s Bring Back Eye Contact

More and more screen time means we have to teach and learn what  to do in face-to-face interactions…



The Health Benefits of Happiness

Can positive emotions contribute to physical well-being?

Read on to find out the many health benefits of joy – from lower blood pressure to a longer life…


The topic for this month’s Wellness Workshop will be SLEEP.





If you haven’t already, check out our Rom Family Chiropractic Facebook page, be sure to like it, and we will be sure to keep the good info coming your way!


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