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Inflammation & Your Health

Researchers have identified inflammation as one of the most beneficial AND most harmful processes in your body. You might be wondering: How is that possible? Well, acute inflammation is your body’s natural repair and healing response to an accident or injury. However, chronic inflammation is an entirely different matter. Many major diseases, including coronary artery disease, diabetes, cancer, and arthritis have a common cause: chronic inflammation.
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All the systems in your body are balanced and regulated first by your nervous system–this includes your hormones as well as your immune system. Your immune system is largely responsible for tissue repair and defense from harmful bacteria, viruses and so on.

When it comes to regulating your immune system, you don’t want an overactive immune system WHILE AT THE SAME TIME , you don’t want an under-active immune system either.

What this means is that your nervous system is a sort of “first responder” when it comes to stress & injuries.  For most of us, our average day-to-day life is full of physical, emotional, and chemical stresses.

The key to good health and to reducing chronic inflammation then is to make daily lifestyle choices that, at the very least don’t result in additional stress on top of our already stressful lives. And ideally we could make daily lifestyle decisions that REDUCE our constant state of stress and inflammation.

To review:
  • Acute inflammation is your body’s natural healing process, while chronic inflammation is a destructive process linked to many chronic diseases.
  • The nervous system is the stress response system, and ultimately quarterbacks the hormones and immune system.
  • Making healthy decisions each day around your stress level can help your nervous system maintain a balance that reduces chronic stress and inflammation levels.
The decisions you make today will determine your health tomorrow. Your body is designed to manage stress effectively; chronic inflammation only begins as the last resort. We want you to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and a high quality of life for decades to come. If you have questions about how you can reduce the stress in your life, ask! We are here to be your partners in health!

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