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High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Chiropractic

If you’re into high intensity interval training (HIIT) programs like: Crossfit, Insanity, P90X, or any of the boot-camp type workouts, then you know how addicting those can become!! The mix of high-intensity interval training with a little competition can help you stay motivated and make amazing changes to your body. The key to success though is staying consistent with your workouts, which can be challenging if you start to suffer injuries!
HIIT and Chiro
Injuries can often occur when your body doesn’t have the correct balance of strength and flexibility. Muscle tears, sprain/strains, and even painful arthritic changes can flare up by either lifting too much weight or by not having enough flexibility to support that weight through a full range of motion.
Here a few tips to reduce the likelihood of injuries:
  • Take a few minutes to stretch before and after your workout. Make sure it’s dynamic stretching, not the static, hold-a-position-type stretching that many people think of as stretching.
  • Increase the weight you lift gradually and focus on higher reps instead of maximum weight.
  • ALWAYS Use good, strong posture and form during your workouts. Don’t “cheat” on form to crank out a higher weight, or a few more reps with poor posture–it will only increase your risk of an injury
Researchers have discovered that a combination of proper warm up/cool down, a full range of motion and progressive intensity training can help reduce injuries when strength training. One of the most effective ways to improve your spinal mobility and flexibility is through Chiropractic care. Chiropractic adjustments to your spine and extremities have been shown to increase their range of motion and may help you find that perfect balance of strength and flexibility.

A spinal subluxation is a restricted spinal joint that causes a reduced range of motion (ROM) in the spine that can ultimately PREVENT YOU from even getting into a strong, stable spinal posture in the first place! Spinal subluxations ALSO cause nervous system interference that can limit your performance AND reduce your ability recovery. 

Chiropractors are the ONLY doctors that detect, correct, and prevent spinal subluxations! So if you are looking to get an advantage when it comes to workout performance AND recovery, then you should get checked by a chiropractor!! We’re here to help!!
Also, be sure to mark your calendar for our upcoming Wellness Workshop: Sports Injury Prevention and Recovery–Saturday, June 29th at 11:30am!

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